Now I'm 30!

Yesterday I got back from a week away in the USA. I had three nights in Napa and four nights in down town San Francisco. It was pretty great.

There was a bit of a rough start though: high winds in Sydney delayed all flights around Australia. Our flight was delayed about four hours. So, we did what any good Australian does and got drunk in the Qantas lounge.


Last week Chris and I booked our holidays for early 2019: In January and Febuary we have a cracking itinerary!

  • Departing Brisbane
  • Hong Kong: 4 nights
  • New York: 5 nights
  • Vancouver: 2 nights
  • Whistler: 10 nights
  • Departing Vancouver—Hong Kong—Brisbane

Despite saying I could never travel in anything other than Business, we got a cracking deal on Premium Economy with Cathay Pacific. So keen to get back on the snow! Now just need to keep a close eye on staff rates for hotels… 🤞🏾

Synology WebStation 2 is a giant pile of shit

I have updated to WebStation 2.0, because I like the new shiny. I installed the Apache 2.2 backend, but it wouldn’t start, providing an error:

Failed to run the package service.

I did some digging: when you install the Apache 2.2 WebStation backend, all the old WebStation configuration files are migrated.

Redirect outdated and insecure browsers using Apache

I have absolutely no desire to support old and shitty browsers. And, I want people with modern browsers to view over SSL/TLS.

But, when someone with an old and shitty browser views my website they don’t really have a good experience. And, older browsers and operating systems tend to not support TLS SNI, which is a technology used to allow multiple certificates to be presented by a web server, and is utilised by Let’s Encrypt.