Transition complete!

Over the past few months I’ve been working to start self-hosting more of my stuff at home. I’ve got myself going with kind of a mini-home lab—more about that in another post.

Anyway, I’ve finally changed CMS, changed web server platform and this site is officially hosted by a computer in my cupboard.

The CMS change has led to a couple of broken links, most importantly to my venerable page about vacuum injuries. These have been resolved, but to the six people who tried to access this page and related attachments in the past 48 hours: I’m sorry.

If anything else is broken let me know in the comments.

Could this be the stupidest option in Microsoft Excel?

For the past hour or so I have been troubleshooting a problem with a Visual Basic script in Excel. It iterates through PivotItems in a PivotTable:

Set p_table = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Audit")
Set p_items = p_table.PivotFields("Primary Location").PivotItems

For Each p_item In p_items
    Debug.Print p_item.Name
Next p_item

The for-loop keeps returning items that are no longer in the source data, and I couldn’t work out why. Turns out, there’s an option in PivotTable Options: Retain items deleted from the data source.

AddressFinder in a Service Now form

  • I want to use AddressFinder to auto-fill form fields for an application that requires accuracy of address.
  • AddressFinger provides the national lot identifier and lot/plan number which we can use to integrate with our computer-aided dispatch system to associate records with locations.

What is MTDynamicHandler?

You can engage Amazon Web Services to host an instance of Movable Type 7. The rates are quite decent: it’s free tier eligible! In fact, an AWS instance of MT is what got me back into the Movable Type ecosystem. And it’s lovely to be back.

Six Apart has two versions of Moveable Type available: nginx and Apache. I chose an nginx instance because I live in 2021, and of course I have a poke around. AWS has a stack of unique stuff associated with their MT install to facilitate the spinup of instances and execution of Perl. They also shipped a Perl module which intrigued me.

Part of what prevented me from playing more with Movable Type recently is my use of nginx and its apparent incompatibility with Dynamic Publishing. Despite a stack of research at the time, I couldn’t work out a way to get nginx to ingest .htaccess and rewrite rules to facilitate dynamic rendering. I could not get my own rewrite rules to work right.